BHASKAR JYOTI BORAH           Importance of a Daily Routine:           Frank Outlaw said:           “Watch your thoughts, t...


          Importance of a Daily Routine:
          Frank Outlaw said:
          “Watch your thoughts, they become words,
          Watch your words, they become actions,
          Watch your actions, they become your habits,
          Watch your habits, they become your character,
          Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”
We are therefore, what we do repeatedly. When we do things repeatedly it becomes spontaneous. It becomes our habit, character and destiny. It means that if we carry out certain activities on a daily basis pertaining to our goals, we can make 'success' a spontaneous process. Our daily routine therefore is a vital tool for achieving enduring success in our lives. However daily routine to make a person successful in his life must be organized and arranged properly to ensure the desired outcome. If a person earnestly understands the importance of a daily routine and follow it in his daily life he will get everything that he wants from his life.
Prerequisites of your daily routine:
To create and control our destiny, the daily routine helps to keep us motivated and guided to direct all our efforts towards the determined goal. Following are the prerequisites of a daily routine to achieve the desired success in life.

1.  Clear cut Aim in life:
          A life without an aim is like a boat without an oar. If you have no aim in life, you are wasting your time, money and energy and perhaps becoming a tool in the hands of circumstances. You will be a slave to destiny rather than its master. Therefore decide your aim today. Decide in terms of what you love to do wholeheartedly. Because love and devotion to your work will boost more power to you and no condition can push you away from realizing your aim in life.
          Decide your aim, depending on your capacity. If your capacity or skill to achieve your goal is less, than you have to acquire it first. Therefore the aim or goals you set for yourself must be realizable by you. It does not mean that you will keep your aim small. Swami Vivekananda said that we must not set an aim as low as our capacity but it should be kept high so that we can endeavor to uplift ourselves to the level of our aims and not to the level of our capacity. Your goal must be SPECIFIC, REALISTIC and TIME BOUND to achieve it.
2. Discipline:
          You can frame your own discipline. Without discipline you can’t achieve anything. Your discipline will determine your spirituality. If you earnestly follow your discipline, you will be surely realizing your aim in life whatever it may be. In the beginning don’t be very strict to yourself. It even requires one’s life time to acquire right discipline. Therefore be very slow and steady in the practice. First put 2 or 3 things in the list of your discipline and when you have master it, go for another one or two. It may take month or even a year. Don’t worry for that but simply go on practicing it. You will be successful.
3. Punctuality:
       Do all your determined activities on time. Fix appropriate time for appropriate activities. Then your activities will become spontaneous. You will never forget your allotted duties to perform.  If you do not have a daily programme or order of your most important daily activities, you will forget to carry out them. And this forgetting is the most dangerous problem. Forgetfulness will gradually keep you away from your goal. Therefore be punctual.
4. Determination:
          When the desire to achieve your goal will be strong, automatically you will be lifting yourself up towards your goal. Without determination nothing decisive can be achieved.
How to make Your Daily Routine:
1. Determine your Goals:
          Whatever you want from your life, jot it down. Even the smallest thing that you want to attain, simply jot it down.
2. Choose your Preferences:
          After jotting down the goals, prioritize it in the order of importance. The most important goal should top the priority list followed by the less important one.
3. Determine your daily Activities:
When you know your priorities and set them in the order of importance, it becomes easier for you to determine the activities that will take you closer to your aim or goals. The activities should be determined with conscious knowledge and analysis. These daily activities are very important as these will only decide our destiny.
4. Match your activities with your daily life:
Now the daily activities that you have determined for yourself, must match to your daily life. Therefore you need to arrange your daily life in such a manner that whatever activities you have determined to achieve your aim or goals, can be followed by you effectively.
5. Choose appropriate time for appropriate activity:
The effectiveness of the routine will be determined by the effectiveness of the activity performed on a daily basis. Therefore you need to choose the right time for the right activity which will increase your efficiency.
6. Add variations:
Include in the daily routine the variations, whatever you want to choose for yourself consciously. It may include even time for your hobbies, entertainment & celebration.
Principles of your Daily Routine:
1.    Completeness:
The routine must be complete in all aspects. It must cover every activity by practicing which on a daily basis you can achieve your aim or goals spontaneously. There should not be any activity left out in your routine to follow that will lead you to what you want to achieve.
2.    Happiness:
The main purpose of having a list of daily activities and a daily routine is that you must live the day as you want. You must not repent at the end of the day. Therefore you must not waste even a single day in your life. The more you work, the more you achieve; the more you achieve, the more you become confident; the more you become confident, you become more happy. It is this happiness, for which we survive. To have a sense of completeness in our lives and to be happy forever is the only purpose of life. That happiness can be programmed with the help of our daily routine.
3.    Achievements:
When you perform your chosen daily activities with the help of your daily routine, you will start achieving automatically. But you have to keep working until and unless you realize your aim in life or your goals. Small achievements on a daily basis will make you realize your chosen aim or goals.
4.    Time bound:
Your daily routine must be time bound. You must set regular hours for work. I insist on working regular hours of work than hard work. Work as many hours as your mental and physical health permits you. Take care of your health both mental and physical by doing regular physical exercises and recreation. Develop your physical and mental capacities to work more hours.
5.     Evolutionary not Revolutionary:
Your daily routine must be evolutionary rather than revolutionary. It means that you must try to be systematic and slow and steady in your effort to make your progress spontaneous. If you suddenly introduce so many changes into your life and try to practice it, you will be frustrated. You will be unable to carry out your practices and ultimately you will give up the process. Therefore develop your own plan. Take help from your Mentor. Be holistic. Take small steps first. Then gradually move up to the higher steps.

Break the routine once or twice a week:
It is important that our daily routine must be carried out because it leads to our goal. But while doing your daily activities regularly without any break will make you slave of those activities and then you will develop a mechanical tendency to follow or perform those activities. So breaking the routine once or twice is also as important as following the routine. I am sharing with you only from my personal experience. Rules are meant for our upliftment. But we must ourselves be free from those rules. Rules or activities must not be allowed to rule us. REMEMBER THIS. Initially our desire for achievement become very strong and so we develop a tendency to work more. Believe me, I am insisting here to make your life an spontaneous activity where you must have scope to enjoy everything that you need to. You will realize later on that , positivity and negativity both are equally important in our life for our survival. Evil exists to glorify the good. Problems exist to glorify the Hero.
Therefore, choose any day in the week and break the routine. Break all the rules voluntarily. Enjoy the freedom from the daily routine. Be FREE, Feel FREE. Allow only freedom and nothing else. Be the king for that day and celebrate. While ending the day remember, tomorrow you have to wake up with the routine. If you break the routine or activities again and begin to celebrate, you will go away from your destiny. If you persist breaking the routine, then remember you will never reach your goal or aim in life. Conditions will control you, you will become slave to the conditions and you will not have the power to control your Conditions. To become FREE you have to work incessantly.
Do not give up your beliefs even for a single moment:
You can break your routine. You can give up your practice for a day. But never give up your beliefs. Never give up faith. The moment you give up faith, that moment will decide the end of your destiny. Faith is the essence. So always stick to your principles and practices in a bull like tenacity.
Determine the effectiveness of the Daily Routine:
1. Everyday you must achieve something. You must get yourself elevated at the end of the day. Everyday must bring some achievements to you based upon your routine.
2. Your routine must not contain contradictory activities. You will not reach your desired goal if you want to move in a direction but your activities and routine is pulling you in opposite direction. You must not have opposite beliefs. Your activities and actions must lead you to your goal. Avoid contradictions.
3. You must become happy with the routine. If you are not happy, if you are depressed, or under stress, it is a sign that your daily routine is not effective. In that case change the routine or modify it.
4. Put very few activities or items in the beginning. Whatever you put follow it earnestly. Initially allow more free time to you. Very slowly you block your leisure time without letting even yourself knowing it properly. Otherwise your will power to follow the routine will deteriorate. Remember this. Be very slow and steady in this practice. This routine is for your entire life. Along with the requirement of time make changes in the routine. Flexibility should be there in the activities but it should not pull you against your goal.
5. The routine must enable you to reach your goal within a required time frame. Therefore while preparing the routine and your work load, consider the time frame. How many hours are you going to work per day depend upon the nature of your goal and the time limit that you have fixed to achieve your goal.

Stick to it:
          Don’t give up until and unless you achieve your goal. Your mind will be wandering and disturbing you constantly every day, but you have to concentrate and bring it back to your work. Mind is like a jumping monkey. It will not obey you. But by using your logic and conscience you can bring it back to normalcy and put it back to work. At all cost stick to your daily activities and your daily routine so that you can get everything what you want from your life.



Inspiration for Students by My Dear Students: SUCCESS WITH THE HELP OF YOUR DAILY ROUTINE
Inspiration for Students by My Dear Students
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