1. Be true to yourself:

The first and the foremost requirement to develop self-confidence is to be true to oneself. Be true to oneself means that you keep your promises and the commitments you make to yourself pertaining to your life. You can only be true to yourself if you know what you want from your life. What you want to become? What is your aim in life? Then only you will recognize the direction towards which you are moving in your life. You cannot develop confidence without achievements. You need to increase your achievements to develop self-confidence. Therefore work every single day to achieve daily small success.

2. Be true to others:

Do not break other people’s faith on you.  I mean other people’s faith only in the positive aspects. When you keep your promises made to other people, they will put more trust upon you. Other people’s trust upon you is an indication that you are reliable and trustworthy, which in turn will make you feel happy and increase your faith upon you.

3. Have a clear cut goal or aim in life:

How to remain true to yourself? What direction should you follow? What will be the yardsticks? All these will be determined by the aim that you decide for your life. The aim in life is the only yardstick through which you can measure whether you are on the right track or out of track. If you are on the right track and moving ahead per day, your faith and confidence on yourself will be increased bit by bit every single day.

If you do not have an aim, it doesn’t matter where you are and where you want to go. Do anything you like and your life will become a disaster. You can’t be able develop your confidence without developing your competence in a particular direction.

4. Have a daily routine:

How to assess your progress? You can assess your progress by means of your daily routine. Choose activities that if you practice every day will move you nearer to your goal. Do not keep any contradictory activities that move you away from your goal. Therefore you need to recognise your emotion and passion, that which if you provide direction in your life will lead you to your destination. REMEMBER - Your daily routine only will decide, whether you can achieve your goal or not. Therefore choose your daily activities corresponding to your life’s programme. No need to study hundreds of books. Study your actions cautiously. Work performed in the right manner can free you from all miseries. You are what you repeatedly do. The key to design your future is to take control of the present moment and utilize it to achieve your goals.

5. Break your routine once a week:

It is important that our daily routine must be carried out because it leads to our goal. But while doing your daily activities regularly without any break will make you slave of those activities and then you will develop a mechanical tendency to follow or perform those activities. So breaking the routine once or twice in a week is also as important as following the routine. I am sharing with you only from my personal experience. Rules are meant for our upliftment. But we must ourselves be free from those rules. Rules or activities must not be allowed to rule us. If you continue to maintain your routine for say one month or a year, then you will not remain under your control and you will lose the freedom to decide. REMEMBER THIS. Initially our desire for achievement becomes very strong and so we develop a tendency to work more. Believe me, I am insisting here to make your life a spontaneous activity where you must have scope to enjoy everything that you need to. You will realize later on that positivity and negativity both are equally important in our life for our survival. Evil exists to glorify the good. Problems exist to glorify the Hero.

Therefore, choose any day in the week and break the routine. Break all the rules voluntarily. Enjoy the freedom from the daily routine. Be FREE, Feel FREE. Allow only freedom and nothing else. Be the king for that day and celebrate. While ending the day remember, tomorrow you have to wake up with the routine. If you break the routine or activities again and begin to celebrate, you will go away from your destiny. If you persist breaking the routine, then remember you will never reach your goal or aim in life. Conditions will control you, you will become slave to the conditions and you will not have the power to control your Conditions. To become FREE you have to work incessantly.

6. Do not give up your beliefs even for a single moment:

You can break your routine. You can give up your practice for a day. But never give up your beliefs. Never give up faith. The moment you give up faith, that moment will decide the end of your destiny. Faith is the essence. So always stick to your principles and practices in a bull like tenacity.

7. Journal your works and progress daily:

Journaling or keeping a diary is very  important. Jot down your entire journey of the day in the evening after your routine work is over. This is very important as it is a reflection of the activities that you have done and you can also contemplate upon it. Whatever you have done is right or wrong? Is there any other effective way to get the things done? Can I introduce more innovation in my work? These things need to be ponder upon and cogitate seriously. All these should be written down properly so that whenever if you want to check your activities you can find it out, where the mistakes are lying down! 

  Keeping a personal journal will put you in control of your life. Many times we believe things happen to us and we have no control or we just go through life without any thoughts of working towards something. With a journal we get a clear insight into where we are going and where we have come from, giving us an opportunity to change our path if we don’t like what we experience.

8. Maintain a self correction register:

Self correction is an essential tool for self development. If there is no development of the self, there will no development of faith. Therefore successful people are full of more confidence, faith and happiness.

Do not confuse the Journal with the self correction register. In the Journal you will note all your daily activities and progress. But in the self-correction register you will only record your faults. What mistakes you have committed during your course of action that you have to write seriously. Why the mistakes have been committed? What steps can you take to avoid these mistakes in future? These answers you have to jot down in the Self-Correction Register.

9. Maintain personal integrity:

It is balance between your thoughts and deeds. Whatever you decide for yourself and others put it earnestly into action. It will give you tremendous  peace and happiness and more importantly make you confident.

10. Live in the present:

When you work, concentrate only on your work. Live for the day only. Do not live in future. Future will take care of itself, if you take care of the day. A day wisely spent will make your life better, because many days put together constitute life. Therefore live the present moment wisely. Utilise it to the fullest. Do not waste even a single minute. Minutes together make an hour and hours together a day. REMEMBER THIS. Take care of the minutes, hours will be taken care of automatically. Take care of the day, the months and the years taken care of. Life will automatically taken proper care by you. Therefore do not waste time in vain gossiping.

11. Devotion to work will develop more faith and confidence:

It is only ‘work’ and the ‘way you work’ that make a person free from all miseries. Our future is determined by our work. When you are doing a work with full concentration and devotion, the outcome is marvellous. Means to the work is very important then the result. Result will automatically follow provided you have done justice to the work. It is said, ‘as you sow, so you reap’. So when you devote yourself to the work wholeheartedly, you are bound to get the desired result. When you get the result as desired, it will develop faith in yourself.

12. Become Self-reliant:

Self reliance is the highest virtue. Never depend upon others for the work that needs to be done by you. Put extra effort. Do your duty by yourself. When you are asking others to do your duty, you are relying upon others. When you rely on others, you become dependent on them. If the nature of the work allows others to do the work, that is not a matter of concern. What I am referring is what to be done by yourself only should not be given to others. This will lead to procrastination, unnecessary delay in the work, violation of promises, confusion, irritation, anger etc. which is self-destructive.

13. Importance of Good Health and Physical exercises:

Health is wealth. Health is the only real wealth. There is nothing beyond it. You can enjoy this beautiful life only if you maintain good health. Therefore to maintain your health in the proper way, the role of diet, nutrition and physical exercises are of immense importance. If you do not put physical exercises in your routine, believe me, sooner or later disease will caught you. A diseased body cannot help you to develop faith and confidence in yourself. I am not talking about a single aspect of your life. I am accepting a holistic view of life. Success only in one aspect of life never determines overall success. Therefore find out ways and tactics to keep your body healthy. At least for one hour per day do physical exercises or yoga. Stress your body on a regular basis so that it can handle stress. Consult a Physical Instructor.

14. Importance of right food to control your temperament:

Food controls our temperament. After getting digested the subtle elements of food influence our mind and attitudes and thoughts. Thoughts results in action; action creates habits; and habit leads to destiny. Therefore destiny is your own creation. Hence, choose your foods wisely. Do not take hot, pungent, spicy, non-vegetarian food frequently. These food have a tendency to divert the concentration of mind.

Have proper knowledge of diet and nutrition. Knowledge of ‘nature cure’ of diseases is also equally important to cure simple diseases by household remedies without weakening the immune system.

15. Work more and Achieve more:

If you do not work for a day, your development will remain stagnant for a day. If you procrastinate then you may never reach your destiny. Therefore there is no other option to work. Work is a means and an end in itself. It is work that makes you free. It is work that gives freedom and liberation to the seekers. You cannot sit idle to develop faith and confidence. Therefore work more and achieve more. Work continuously and incessantly.

16. Maximise your potential:

Recognize your abilities and maximise your skill. If you want to excel in any field you have to remain updated. Develop potentialities as per the requirement of your time and condition. Find out every single possibility through which you can maximise your potential.

17. Jot down ideas:

Jot down any idea that comes to your mind immediately. If you lose it, you may lose it forever. Therefore always carry a small note book with you. Jot down any idea then and there, as soon as it comes. Jot down any idea that can maximize your potential. It can be virtually anything.

18. Be slow and steady in introducing new things to yourself:

Slow and steady wins the race. To be a Winner you need to work on a regular basis. Getting a job or other temporary success never assures permanent success. In fact your real struggle begins after that. Therefore never suddenly plunge into any action. Analyse the pros and cons and then experiment it. After being thoroughly convinced introduce any new things to yourself. Be always slow and steady relating to this matter.

19. Develop firm belief on certain principles:

What you believe that only you achieve. Be it positive or negative, you are the outcome of your beliefs. Therefore decide your beliefs consciously. Deny negative beliefs which are unconsciously occupying your mind. Take control of your life by choosing your beliefs consciously. Follow them till the end of your life. You are what you believe.

20. Never upset your balance of mind:

Balance of mind is the state of mind which is the objective of every philosophy. The mind best functions when it is balanced. If the balance of mind becomes frequently disturbed by the various states of mind and the consequent problems, the will power and determination of a person will also be affected. A mind which is easily upset cannot dream of big success. Therefore, patience and tolerance is of utmost importance in life. One without patience and tolerance cannot have a calm and balanced mind. Irritation, impatience, anger, short tempered people cannot think of a balanced state of mind. Their success level also will remain stagnant.

21. Practice, Practice, Practice your beliefs:

Whatever practices you decide for yourself, practice those beliefs earnestly. Always strengthen your beliefs by enriching it. By constant enquiry and self-study expand your beliefs and continue your practices. In the beginning keep only very simple practices. Be slow and steady. After acquiring and developing a belief successfully, choose and acquire another. There is virtually nothing that you can't achieve by practice.

22. Create good habits:

It is said that people can be best judge by their habits. Good habits belong to the successful people. Bad habits take us away from our destiny. Early rising, Study for one’s own self at least for one hour daily, physical exercises, updating required skill and knowledge, punctuality, discipline are certain very good habits acquired by successful people. If you too acquire these habits of the successful people, you will become successful in your life. Develop habits that carry you closer to your goal.

23. Choose your Virtues:

Conduct is the root of prosperity. Conduct is guided by virtues. Virtues are nurtured and shaped since childhood. It can’t be developed and made a spontaneous practice in a day. It needs to be cultivated. We are lacking many of the virtues which are an urgent requirement in our daily life. Virtues are our real friend. They save us during emergencies and danger. Where our kith and kin fail, there our virtues rescue us. Knowing this fact try to develop and cultivate the virtues mostly required by you and never give up the practice.

The Bhagavad Gita in its Sixteenth Chapter list down the some important virtues:


Purification of one’s existence;




Freedom from anger;



Steady determination etc.

However cultivation of virtues also requires clear understanding. The virtues must be developed in relation to the affixed goal in life. The virtues must not take you away from your goal. If you have developed earnestly and rightly, virtues will become your biggest friend. You will become successful in any endeavour in your life. You will become a great leader. People will run after you. And remember if you cannot obtain the faith of other people, you cannot become successful in your life.

24. Do not believe in wrong things:

Always act rationally. Never believe things blindly. Analyse everything clearly and understand from your own experience. Do not take into other people’s experience true to yourself directly. In every case there is an exception. Therefore experiment, analyse and then believe the facts. Do not believe in SuperstitionsIf you believe in superstitions then you can’t develop confidence in yourself. Cut them out from the root.

25. Surrender to God:

 You are not complete without God. Surrender to Him what you cannot control. Be at peace. It is God who is omnipotent and omniscient, all pervading. He is complete in all aspects. Pray to Him fervently to guide you. Work as if it has been entrusted to you by God. Give your 100% to your work. Give all your honesty and integrity to the work in hand. Surrender the result of your work to God and be at peace. There are many things in life which are beyond our control. We can’t control the outside world except only our works. We can’t control the result but only our works. Therefore we need to learn to be at ease by surrendering the result of our work to God. What is due to us will come back to us. Take the whole responsibility of the work upon yourself and let God determine the result of your works.

26. Never bow down to Challenges:

If you want to be self-confident do not run away from a situation. Do not be escapist. Face any situation boldly. Whenever any challenges arise we need to accept it as an opportunity to face it. But remember it must be in terms of your goal. Do not engage in facing challenges that diverts your direction. If you lose your track, you will be out of your goal. Therefore here I want to ensure do not blindly face challenges to test your confidence. Know the challenge. Understand it first. Than based upon your own capacity jump into action. Never allow fear to take hold over you. Face challenges and overcome your fear. REMEMBER on the other side of fear lies VICTORY. All people do not have the guts to face fear. If you can face your fears than definitely your future is bright.

27. Do not act contradictorily:

There should not be any unnecessary hurry to reach your goal as early as possible. The moment will come spontaneously when your daily routine and actions will lead to your goal. No need to work very hard. Follow the rhythm that you want to maintain. Wait and watch coolly. Inevitably success will come to you. Be innovative and introduce it to reach your goal. But do not try new things regularly. It may take you away from your goal. Do not be hypocrite.

28. Seek a Mentor/Guru:

You need a real mentor in your life, who can guide you always. The mentor is like the compass, and you are the captain of the ship of your life. It is the compass that determines your direction. Find a suitable mentor for yourself. A mentor is a person who has actually achieved something that you want to achieve. Whenever you are in the company of your mentor you will feel like that you have actually achieved your goals. Your goals will become crystal clear to you and the determination and confidence to achieve them will become more firm when you have a mentor with you. REMEMBER upon the quality of the mentor depends the probability of your success. Therefore choose your mentor wisely. Choose the best.


Inspiration for Students by My Dear Students: HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE
Inspiration for Students by My Dear Students
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